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New collection: Mosaic - Ever colorful

New collection: Mosaic

Introducing "Mosaic" a stained glass and fantasy fusion

With our latest offering, Mosaic, enter a world of colorful artistic expression. Take in the fascination of digital stained glass posters with imaginative creatures and vibrant animals. This collection creates a swirl of color and light that enhances any room by fusing the allure of stained glass with the allure of fantasy.

The Art of Color and Light

By digitally reconstructing stained glass, mosaic successfully conveys its dazzling splendor. Our posters bring both dream and reality to life with their depictions of mythological dragons, graceful unicorns, stunning peacocks, and mischievous chameleons. Each piece changes as the light fluctuates, giving your surrounds a constantly shifting visual extravaganza.

Step into fantasy

Start a trip via vivacious imagination and brilliant art. Embrace the beauty of fantasy and the splendor of stained glass by perusing the Mosaic collection in our Shopify store. Convert your walls into passageways that take you to fascinating dream worlds.

Discover the magic of Mosaic – where color, light, and fantasy intertwine.


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